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I am new to BetaPage. How do I get started?

First of all, you should sign up to BetaPage. You can sign up via Twitter/Google/ GitHub and we have recently introduced password-less access to login to BetaPage without remembering and storing the password.

Now do you know about any product which is useful but yet not listed on BetaPage? If yes then go ahead and make your first contribution to BetaPage and become an integral part of this community. You can also explore some amazing products in our trending and recent section.

If you are a founder or maker, you can list your own product here to introduce yourself and your start-up to 30,000 + BetaPage members, you can connect to investors and other founders and perhaps find some very useful resources here.

Freelancers/indie hackers should also set their profile and list their product to get exposure.

BetaPage is a small planet of likeminded people who love everything about start-up and innovation, who want to contribute to this planet and want to get connected with similar people.